BC OXI Liquid


BC OXI is a liquid, oxygen releasing bleaching agent. The product is efficient on both-colored as well as white fabrics. The product can be used with conventional deterrents and does not fade the clor cloths. It performs to maximum efficiency when the bath water temperature rises above 60 70° C. It is also used as an effective sanitizing agent in Hospitals & health care industry.


  • Water Conditions
    • Soft
    • Moderately Hard
    • Very Hard
    • 2gm/kg
    • 4gm/kg
    • 4gm/kg
  • Type of Linen & Soil
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy
    • 2/kg
    • 4gm/kg
    • 4gm/kg


Pack size 25 kg

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